David Devant Blog

I have been a fan of David DevantĀ And His Spirit Wife ever since their first album which was released during my student days. Whenever I listen to their music now it always takes me back to those carefree days, which is one of the main reasons why I think they have had such a lasting effect on me. I was very impressed with the theatrical performance that they put on at the first show of theirs that I went to, but I also felt that I really connected with the music.

DD&HSWI started this blog because I want to share my love for the band and their music with other people, and to find others that feel the same way. Feel free to comment on any of my posts as I would love to hear your opinions on the things that I am talking about, and perhaps hear some of your memories of the band. I hope to make this blog something of a community for fans of David DevantĀ and would like you to be part of it.

It will be updated as often as possible with all the latest news about the band, and any tours and events that are coming up. I will also be taking a look back at the albums that they have released in the past with my personal thoughts about these. I have collected quite a bit of memorabilia over the years and I will be happy to share this with you.